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Being a motorhome and caravan enthusiast myself I understand how attached we can become to our little homes on wheels. We offer a complete accident repair and spray painting solution for all motorhomes and caravans.

Our motorhome and caravan services include full resprays or part resprays, bodywork repairs, fibre glass repairs, plastic repairs and panel beating. Our body shop and paint shop facilities include a spray paint booth. Our body shop only uses a variety of compliant paints linked to a system that provides a perfect colour match every time. We also offer scratch repair, dent repair. Fibreglass repair, plastic panel repair, machine polishing & ceramic coating


Manoeuvring motorhomes and caravans it is so easy to misjudge distances or the space required to turn around and end up with the odd bump or scratch. We have over 15 years experience in vehicle and caravan repairs, so whether you require a fix for a light scrape, or respraying an entire panel we have the expertise and experience to carry out the work required for a high quality finish.

REFRESH FADED paint & plastics

Often after several years of enjoyment your motorhome or caravan can start to look a little tired and loose its shine. This can often be easily remedied by a professional 1-3 stage machine polish using the best of the tried and tested products and time served experience in the industry to produce a better than new shine on your beloved motorhome or caravan. We offer 3 stages of machine polishing depending on the level of shine/protection you would like to go for, which makes this option affordable for all owners. We also offer a ceramic coating service which lasts up to 5 years of protection from the elements to keep our work looking its best for longer.


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