Lease Car Body Repair Check

Returning your car with worry that you will be charged excessively for a lease car body repair such as a bump or scratch can prove very costly. In general lease companies charge a premium for remedial works carried out by main dealers. This can add a substantial bill to your end-of-lease costs. At Autobodyz we aim to save you money on your lease car body repair. We do this by identifying and repairing damage to your vehicle before it is returned.

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lease agreement - Lease Car Body Repair Check
car lease agreement - Lease Car Body Repair Check

Independent Free lease Car Body Repair Check

We will undertake a free lease car body repair check on your vehicle to share our professional advice on what we think your lease company will consider to be “wear and tear” or weather they are likely to fail the lease company inspection.

Some lease companies provide clients with a pre-inspection report that identifies possible charges. You are under no obligation to carry out these works with a main dealer and may save a considerable amount of money by choosing an independent body shop. We carry out cost-effective refurbishments based on your report or on our own inspection.

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